By default, the pool is delivered in the colors (green/orange) as on the demo website. This package makes it possible to give the pool the look & feel of your company. For example, the colors, the background image and the header/logo image (at the top of the site) can be adjusted. The logo is also used in the e-mails that the system sends. It is also possible to supply the graphic material yourself (background and header image)

Standard design
Example branding design


With this package, subleagues (pools) can be created within the pool website in addition to the general classification. A subleague has a special page with, among other things, its own ranking, a prediction comparator and a reaction option (comments). Furthermore, the subleague system contains an extensive management section with which the subleague administrator can add players and change various settings. This system is ideal if your company consists of several branches or departments. A sub-competition can, as it were, be set up per department.

Main Page (Ranking)
Compare predictions
Player Manager

Prediction Help

This expansion contains a beautifully highlighted block on the homepage with the match history for the upcoming matches, supplemented with the predictions of the participants of the pool. In addition, this expansion contains an overview of the results of the last played duels per match at the match prediction form

Homepage teaser
Match tooltip

Ranking Extra

This pack offers two additional top 5 rankings, namely the top 5 fallers and top 5 risers. These blocks are available as sidebar or homepage widget.

Top risers
Top fallers

Promotion & Communication

This package consists of a number of components related to promotion and communication. The following components can be used with this package:

News items
Banners / Widgets / Analytics